Montage group is one of the well-known professional management teams with more than 8 years of experience in event management business; serving its clients in the commercial as well as industrial sector. It is best known for its quality services, which it provides by its member companies to the clients over year. Montage is a diversified service oriented organization, based in Islamabad that organizes, caters, manages and attends number of events and tourism services (on-shore and off-shore).We envision to establish a productive new standard, for our management and services of the events so to achieve recognition in every potential area by the public, both domestically and internationally.  

Pakistan Martial Arts Federation

PMAF is dedicated to the promotion and development of the martial arts in Pakistan. It is operational since 2013, providing platform, to the martial arts community of Pakistan, to demonstrate their skills at national & international levels.

Kyoukushin Pakistan Federation

Kyoukushin Pakistan Federation (KPF) was founded and established by Shihan Abdul Zahoor Hashmi in 2012. The Federation is operative from all provinces, Islamabad, Azad Kashmir, GB, Police, and Navy & PTV. KPF is serving the nation under the supervision of Kyoukushin legends of Pakistan. Its strength is more than ten thousand.

Ideatech Software House

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Ideatech is a top-notch multi-purpose software house ready to set new trends and targets in the IT world. We are mainly focused to deliver next level standards in the world of digital media. Ideatech is one of the leading IT companies, portraying diverse experience in the fields of web designing & development, social media marketing, media productions, graphic designing and reputation management in the twin cities.


Uvertise is a versatile marketing agency, eager to set new trends and raising the benchmarks of quality advertisement in the field of marketing. We maintain an interactive environment with our valuable customers and clients to show immediate positive outcomes of our efficient processes. Also, we are stimulus to innovative and inspiring market opportunities. We comply the modern standards of the marketing business status quo to provide you a reliable service.Our professional workforce is proactive on the subject of growing trust, integrity and honesty inside the enterprise courting with our clients. We’re competent enough to apprehend your concerns deeply. With each transaction, we focus on creative problem solving coupled with sensible application of sound marketing principles. With our enormously qualified marketers geared up to serve you, you can be assured that every requirement will be met.