Being a new born organization we have been lucky enough to have organized some successful events and have the privilege of working with some of the renowned systems. Following is an overview of the systems that we have worked with uptill now:

1. MIA Group of Companies
2. AW Group of Companies
3. Latif Group of Companies
4. City Dist. Govt. Rawalpindi (CDGR)
5. Khaybar Darbar Restaurant
6. Sweet Palace
7. National College of Business and Management Sciences (NCBMS)
8. Liaqat Gym And Martial Arts Academy
9. Youth Times
10. FM Power 99
11. Studio 7
12. R1 TV (PVT) LTD
13. Red Carpet Visa Consultants (PVT) LTD
14. Smile for Pakistan
15. School of business and Management Sciences (SBM)
16. KH Marketing
17. Decent Furnishers

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